Human Design

Discovering Your Design 

A Basic Reading covers introductory human design information and your chart highlights. This is a 60 min session, which can be held in-person or via video. Content includes: type, strategy, authority, an introduction to energy centers, and overview of the human design system.

Supporting Your Sovereignty - Advanced Reading and/or Coaching

An Advanced Reading offers a deeper dive into more layers of your design. Content may include: defined vs undefined energy centers Q/A, introduction to de-conditioning, cross of incarnation, significant gates & channels. These sessions are developed based upon each person's unique design. Feel free to inquire about certain aspects of interest ahead of time if there is an area you're most interested in understanding more deeply.

HD Coaching can occur after either the basic or advanced reading and is individually tailored to help you apply your design in your daily life. 

Cost: $100 - 150 slide scale for 60 minute session

Location: sessions can take place in-person or online