Sound Healing

Sound Healing reduces stress, offering a greater sense of well-being and promotes healing. It creates deep relaxation, calms our nervous system, balances both hemispheres of our brain, and returns our body’s vibrations to their natural state. In the purest sense, it moves us from a place of disharmony to harmony. Sound can also be used to gently release physical and emotional pain. Good for both our mind and body, it has been shown to reduce anxiety, shift depression, enhance mental clarity, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, stabilize heart rate, reduce pain, shorten recovery periods, improve sleep, and better regulate the limbic system which improves our body’s self-regulation and resilience to stress. The effects of sound therapy are deep and far reaching as it fine tunes the entire body into a state of balance while also facilitating an expansion of our awareness and creative potential. Its ability to increase intuition, creativity and motivation makes it a wonderful tool for supporting positive change in your life.

Cost: $100-$150 sliding scale for 60 minute session