Brenda Boese, LMSW

“Healing your earliest traumas, whether intergenerationally, in utero, during birth or in early childhood, is possible through connection, regulation and relationship. Everything about you is welcomed and invited here.”

Approach & Specialties

I am here to hear your story and to be a witness to your healing of unremembered and remembered wounds.

I specialize in developmental trauma which may show up as a multitude of diagnoses, illnesses or simply exhaustion from day to day life. I see you through a lens of what happened to you instead of a diagnosis or even what you may consider as wrong about yourself. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction or others, it is my hope to guide you towards gratitude for these coping mechanisms that have kept you safe and brought you to this point in time. Through gratitude, connection, attachment, attunement, safety, and relationship, I am happy to be your witness through your journey of healing.


I am a licensed Master of Social Work who has served the community through mobile crisis outreach and inpatient psychiatry. I am trained in Transforming Touch®, Transforming Intentional Touch and EMDR.