Adina Joy Levitt, LMSW
Psychotherapist (she/her)

“Together, we will navigate the labyrinth of your life’s journey, through the constant flow of ups and downs that often feels unpredictable, overwhelming, and unending. I will offer you a safe and grounded space to work on whatever challenges may be encircling you at this time. It will be like opening a window full of new possibilities, where you will learn ways to cope, feel empowered, and design a vision of where you can flourish.”

Psychotherapy Practice

As a holistic psychotherapist, my practice focuses on the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. My commitment is to stay present during both your challenges and as you find your way to creating a future that feels fulfilling. Are you curious about the mind-body connection? In addition to talk therapy, we may use a variety of somatic (of the body) tools to explore your life experiences and to regulate your nervous system to reduce anxiety, including: mindfulness, grounding, breathwork, guided imagery (sometimes with a drum or rattle), connecting with nurturing figures, partnering with the wisdom of your body, finding where you hold stress in your body, and movement.

I’m curious about your story and I honor the choices that you have made in the past, as I believe they have served you well….but now, we can wonder together if those old patterns are ready to be redesigned as we explore new ways for you to interact with the world, consciously. 

I use a client-centered approach and finding what fits your needs is my top priority, as well as maximizing your awareness and use of your strengths. I value your ongoing feedback to fine-tune our sessions. I use an integration of:

  • Narrative Therapy
  • Solution-Focused Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Experiential Therapy
  • EMDR
  • Somatic Therapy

Areas of Focus

  • Anxiety
  • Somatic (body) pain with no medical reason
  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Life Transitions
  • Stress
  • Earth-Based Spirituality
  • Depression
  • General support without one specific focus

Background & Training

Originally from the East Coast, I moved to Iowa City in 1999. I have owned two businesses for 10 years each in the fields of yoga and early childhood education, and worked in a variety of settings, including at Guidelink (Mental Health Center) as a Triage Counselor. 

I have been an Energy Practitioner for 10 years and studied earth-based spirituality in Peru and Madison. I currently also work as a Mobile Crisis Counselor.  I am a graduate of the University of Iowa’s Masters of Social Work program, with a specialization in Trauma Informed Practice. I did my practicum at the Iowa Refugee Counseling Center and invite refugees and immigrants to come to work with me here. I also did a practicum at the Rape Victim Advocacy Program and welcome those who have had sexual trauma to be held in my space with compassion and care.